The Wholistic Health Center was founded in 1986 in response to growing awareness on the part of area residents that health care is more than symptom control or illness control. The WHC embraces the findings of over 50 years of research studies:

  • Good mental health is vital to overall health
  • Good relationships (work, love, friends) are vital to overall health
  • A good relationship with God or Higher Power (spiritual life) is vital to overall health
  • Knowing how to handle stress is vital to health
  • Self-acceptance & self-esteem are vital to health
  • Expressing emotions in a constructive way is vital to overall health

Wholistic health is multi-level: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Wholistic is pragmatic: It recognizes the value of "what works" without having to understand completely the causal processes involved. Our objective is full, vibrant health; not just symptom control. Care is whole person oriented rather than disease oriented. The staff at Wholistic:

  • Respects the valid contribution of current medical science and practice
  • Focuses on internal healing as a useful supplement to surgery, radiation and drug therapy
  • Concerns itself with prevention, with growth and change, with healing and restoration to a state of balance
  • Places major responsibility for health on the client, in alliance with the practitioner, because it recognizes that the client is an active and committed partner in the healing process, not a passive recipient
  • Recommends natural forms of healing, whenever appropriate
  • Recognizes that not all illness is "bad" and "to be eliminated" at the earliest possible moment. Some symptoms may represent entry into the recovery phase
  • Promotes positive attitudes; including love, harmony, responsibility for one's own actions, forgiveness, self-acceptance, and a sense of purpose

Reed's Garden

A living, loving memorial to Reed Forbush, one of the center's original co-founders.